Almost every person on this planet shares the desire to attain a heightened well-being and quality of life. Niki finds her greatest purpose and passion in helping people create these feelings in their own lives. She invites you to allow her to usher you towards human greatness and self-healing

Through an array of modalities, Niki's hands-on approach allows her clients to explore their inner tranquility and innate confidence, ultimately inviting greater freedom into their lives. Maintaining the wisdom that no two snowflakes are identical, Niki customizes her approach for each unique individual. With Niki's encouraging support, you will undoubtedly feel the unraveling of any and all imbalances in your life, resulting in deeper self-awareness and heightened openness and love.

Niki is a dedicated healer, and finds her greatest happiness through giving back to her community. She finds joy in helping to heal people’s wounds both physical or spiritual, that often come about as a result of the modern-day, disconnected, and increasingly impersonal world. Having been an intuitive all of her life, Niki can accurately help you free all that does not serve you and your highest good.

Having lost all of her immediate family members to death, Niki was forced to learn about grief, loss and creating a close relationship with inner peace very early on in her life. Due to this unforeseen life path, Niki developed a strong sense of the power of now and the importance of living life in joy and acceptance. Niki overcame battles at a young age that some may never experience in a lifetime. These experiences launched Niki into a life and career of healing, coaching and supporting those in need of a strong spiritual mentor. Through her markedly unique life experiences Niki gained immense knowledge on compassion, positivity and spirituality.

Niki traveled internationally for 7 years. She not only visited different places around the world but lived in other countries such as Australia, Costa Rica, Thailand and India. Niki learned an array of healing techniques by virtue of her losses, her travels and her will to live a fulfilling life.

These healing techniques include:

Reiki Energy Healing, Thai Massage, Shamanic Bodywork, Tantra, Love & Relationship Coaching, Hosting Sacred Sexuality Workshops, Grief Counseling, Rebirthing Breathwork, Lucid Dreaming & Dream Interpretation, Shamanic Drumming, Plant Medicine Journeying, Chord Cutting, Crystal Healing, Psychology, Nonviolent Communication, Art Therapy, Mental Health Awareness, Holistic Health & Wellness, Herbology, Elderly Care & Death Doula Services, Buddhist, Toaist & Hindu Teachings, Chanting, Meditation and Yoga. Marrying these techniques with her extensive formal training, Niki creates distinctly personalized healing workshops and sessions found nowhere else on Earth! Niki will offer you not only peace of mind, but also peace of spirit.