Shamanic Bodywork

-women only-

Shamanic Bodywork is a healing modality like no other. Its purpose is to promote awareness, pleasure, healing and empowerment to the client. As the client you will learn how to receive and feel, listen to and enjoy your own sensations. This healing touch will allow you to notice and express your own rhythm, pace and desires when it comes to your sacred temple, your body. You will learn to tune into your own sensations and experience whole body (prolonged) pleasure. Shamanic Bodywork, by celebrating the whole body, is a spiritual experience. By tending to, and caring for the whole body, I treat you as an integral being–whole, natural, deserving of pleasure, and capable of profound states of connection and ecstasy. Healing touch is given with a genuine sense of care and intimacy and involves intentional arousal of the body. It is both a physical and emotional experience.

By enticing the body and awakening the senses the receiver’s mind will naturally relax and focus solely on the touch. It should be an experience that is exciting and stimulating. Shamanic Bodywork is healthy as well as sensuous, and the physical effects become part of the experience. Shamanic Bodywork boosts blood flow all across the body. It also reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body and increases oxytocin, a hormone involved with feelings of affection and bonding.

The session is about being in your body as much as possible and feeling as much sensation and aliveness as you can. The skin is the largest organ on the human body, and we can forget how sensitive it is during our busy lives. So often we are disconnected from one (or more) parts of our body. Be it our heart, our head or our big toe. I invite you to enter into stillness and allow your senses to be awakened. Use this session to relax into a space of surrender so you may unlock your full potential for pleasure and self-awareness.



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