A 2 week journey to sensual empowerment & freedom



A 14 Day Immersion

For women dedicated to building a stronger relationship to their sensuality and feminine power!

Early Bird Pre-Sale Begins Thursday Aug 31, 2018

Do you want to embody confidence?

Do you want to exude magnetism?

Do you want to heal your relationships?

Do you want to experience better sex alone + with a partner?

Do you want to luxuriate in deeper pleasure?

Do you want to reach heightened levels of healing?


Gather together in a potent virtual women's circle, where we discuss and reveal some of the wondrous powers of being a woman. This virtual container will be intimate, safe and dynamic! When women come together in ceremony, profound magic happens. Be a part of that magic from the comfort of your own home! Gain knowledge, support and sisterhood as we dive deep into potent topics! 


This virtual immersion will teach you how to:


  ∆ Replenish the connection to your sexuality 

∆ Magnetize the pleasure you deserve

∆ Harness your sensual power

∆ Fall in love with the beauty of who you are

∆ Apply lovemaking as a spiritual practice

∆ Radiate with confidence 

∆ Activate your creative potential

∆ Stimulate your intuition

∆ Ask for what you want


It is time to remove any mask or protective shell you are hiding behind to fully experience the world as the powerfully sensual and magnetic woman you are! 


women are stepping forward to invite back their authentic, creative and wonderfully unique selves. We are saying yes to the power of our wildness, sexuality and vulnerability!

Hear what people are saying!

“Niki was extraordinarily supportive and nurturing through every step of my process. I would not be where I am today without her sensitivity, empathy, refined skills and talents, and deep love for other human’s wellness. I am deeply thankful to have had her hands, heart and mind touch my life. I am thankful that a huge part of Niki’s work is to not only heal, but to set in motion a higher level of experiencing life! I will always be eternally grateful for the healing I received!”


“Coaching was something I never considered for myself until I heard about Niki. Hiring her as my coach has been life altering and the only thing I regret is not finding out about her sooner. My day to day existence has immensely improved since undergoing Niki’s tailor-made program. Friends and family have noticed the positive control I’ve gained in an otherwise difficult time. Truth is in the results and I’m seeing them!”


“Niki is a unique healer if not a true miracle worker. Rising from her own deep sorrow and darkness, she found the inner power and ability to help others in difficult times. While deep in a difficult time of my own, I had reached a point where I didn’t know where to find the answers I needed or where to go to seek help. This is right when I discovered Niki. She has an innate gift in knowing how to work with people’s souls by listening, helping to guide and providing attainable solutions. Niki was very helpful in giving me the strength and will to redirect my dark path. She is very in tune with all different kinds of obstacles and difficulties in life. I would recommend Niki as a coach for anyone seeking to find happiness, healing and clear direction in their life.”

Themes we will delve into:

⋄ Sacred Sexuality + Holistic Health

⋄ Intimacy + Self-Care

⋄ Confidence + Magnetism

⋄ Shamanism + Tantra

⋄ Energy Healing

⋄ Living beautifully with uncertainty 

⋄ Conscious communication 

⋄ Healing shame and guilt

⋄ Invoking intuition through daily ritual


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Two week mentorship details:

Virtual group meetings every 2-3 days for two weeks using ZOOM.

Journey begins on the NEW MOON Monday September 10, 2018. 

Ceremony of Completion on Monday September 24, 2018.

1:1 Email support sessions in between group meetings.

✶This program contains powerful wisdom and practices, your participation is fundamental to achieving the best results.✶

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Early Bird Price is only $222 until September 06.

Investment advances to $333 after September 06.

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