It came at no surprise to me that Niki immediately made me feel SO at home during my first Reiki session. I had my eyes closed but could feel very clearly where she was on my body without her even touching me. The whole experience felt electric and allowed me to get more connected to my body. Afterwards, we discussed her findings in my energy body and it made total sense to me. I felt so cleared, light and airy when I left, like a huge weight had been lifted. I am very grateful for Niki and her amazing gift.
— Stephanie - Empowerment Coach
Niki is a true empath in every sense of the word. Her means of pouring herself into this world and another’s comes from her ability to be refined by fire, feel the depths of each circumstance, to heal, and thus develop a deeper passion to help heal others. Niki is vulnerable, honest, tender and welcoming. I highly recommend Niki as a mentor, healer and coach for anyone ready to take their life to the next level. Mine surely has!
— Jeff - Barista
Having a Reiki session with Niki is a transformative experience. She has a compassionate and nurturing energy that immediately calms you and lets you know that you are in a safe space. She was able to release a lot of low vibration energy I was still holding onto and was even able to connect with my dad who passed away, which I found very healing. She also tuned into my own healing and intuitive abilities and made me feel confident in knowing I am a powerful healer myself and that I should continue on the path. I left the session feeling light and giggly. Niki is truly gifted at what she does.
— Lola - Model/Photographer
Niki was extraordinarily supportive and nurturing through every step of my process. I would not be where I am today without her sensitivity, empathy, refined skills and talents, and deep love for other human’s wellness. I am deeply thankful to have had her hands, heart and mind touch my life. I am thankful that a huge part of Niki’s work is to not only heal, but to set in motion a higher level of experiencing life! I will always be eternally grateful for the healing I received!
— Jamie - Musician
Coaching was something I never considered for myself until I heard about Niki. Hiring her as my coach has been life altering and the only thing I regret is not finding out about her sooner. My day to day existence has immensely improved since undergoing Niki’s tailor-made program. Friends and family have noticed the positive control I’ve gained in an otherwise difficult time. Truth is in the results and I’m seeing them!
— Alexis - Esthetician
Niki is a unique healer if not a true miracle worker. Rising from her own deep sorrow and darkness, she found the inner power and ability to help others in difficult times. While deep in a difficult time of my own, I had reached a point where I didn’t know where to find the answers I needed or where to go to seek help. This is right when I discovered Niki. She has an innate gift in knowing how to work with people’s souls by listening, helping to guide and providing attainable solutions. Niki was very helpful in giving me the strength and will to redirect my dark path. She is very in tune with all different kinds of obstacles and difficulties in life. I would recommend Niki as a coach for anyone seeking to find happiness, healing and clear direction in their life.
— Idan - Photographer
After my Shamanic Bodywork session with Niki, my yoga practice has gone back to its primal form. I find myself wanting to connect from more of my second heart (for a woman it’s our yoni) and move only from that and my true heart alone. The experience with Niki has re-channeled this side of me that wants to just roll my body and feel it’s movements from the toes to the head. I truly feel the Shakti (feminine energy) moving once again and it feels freakin’ great my friends. Her work is life changing!
— Chelsea - Yoga Instructor
After a Reiki session with Niki, I immediately felt some of the weight I had been carrying release, leaving my body and mind feeling progressively lighter. Niki created a calm, safe and therapeutic space for me to release a lot of tension, and all I had to do was lay on the massage table and relax as she worked her magic. Niki has a unique way of tuning into her client’s energy body and knowing exactly where tension and built up emotion needs to be released. The most incredible part of this experience is that I didn’t tell Niki about the parts of my body that needed attention, she just knew intuitively, it was amazing! Sometimes we don’t know exactly what it is that we need, but thankfully, there are healers like Niki who can help us navigate our path towards healing.
— Portia - Writer
Throughout my time knowing Niki, I can without a doubt say she has been one of the most positive people I have met. With the incredibly difficult obstacles that Niki has faced she has come out shining on the other side. This is a quality that beams through Niki, and is apparent in the work she does.
— Julia - Art Teacher